3/4" Fittings

3/4" Fittings are the most common fittings found on boats weather it a weekend boat or tournament boat. Commonly used for live well's, bait tanks and bilge pump applications. You will find everything you need here to replace existing parts or fit out a new boat.

All Flow-Rite Thru-Hull fittings are uniquley designed to operate in conjunction with their award winning Qwik-Lok system.

Qwik-Lok is a quick connect marine plumbing system and method that can provide increased productivity, higher quality and value while simultaneously reducing costs. The heart of the Qwik-Lok system is the innovative Qwik-Lok socket that fits industry standard marine hose in popular 3/4" and 1-1/8" sizes. Qwik-Lok’s numerous benefits make it much more than just a quick disconnect plumbing system.

Qwik-Lok fittings are installed in place of standard barbed fittings. Zero learning curve required. Qwik-Lok sockets are installed to the hose ends whether it’s pre-assembled in our factory or done at the boat or on the work bench. No more crimping or tightening a hose clamp at arms length in hard to reach areas. Only learning curve here is to get used to how easy life can be.